Monday, 30 June 2014

Three Different Types of Car Tyres

There are various types of car tyres. The one you select will entirely depend on the driving style, where you live, maker of car as well as the time of year along with how your car is used.
For example, if you spend a high number of working days on driving up along with down the motorways, then you will require the solid wearing tyre that doesn't produce a large number of noises. If you live in the countryside, then the tyre presents the best grip on the muddy roads. Here are the three different types of car tyres along with the differences between them:

If your car was most likely driven out in all days, then this type of tyres are considered to be all season tyres for you. Moreover, it is a standard tyre that is suitable for all year round use. On the other hand, it works equally well into the dry and the wet weather conditions. This tread block pattern tyre is designed for not to be noisy when it utilized on the normal roads but enables the sufficient water spreading to give a grip in wet situations.
Furthermore, the rubber used is a solid compound to make longer the tyre's life. This can consist of cornering and handling, but for the large number of drivers it is not noticeable.

Performance tyres also well-known as summer tyres, the performance tyres are designed for presenting the superb grip in the dry condition. Moreover, it normally used on the speedy cars or for a driver whose driving style needs enhanced handling performance. Additionally, this all weather tyres can be utilized in all year round if you stay in an area with having little rain and warm climate.
As considered to the best car tyre material, soft rubber compound is utilized in it which reduces the natural life of the tyre but present the better grip.

Winter car tyres are specially designed to deal with the difficult driving and poor weather conditions that brings the winter season. They can easily handle ice and snow. Additionally, the winter tyres can have small metal hoops implanted into the tread for additional solid grip in tremendous conditions. The block pattern on this winter car tyres is bigger and more prominent rather than the standard tyres

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